Seller's Guide: 8 Steps to Selling Your Home


#1. Consult A REALTOR®

Consult with a qualified REALTOR® to discuss your selling goals, market conditions, timing, and establish the right asking price for your property.

#2. Establish Asking Price

Working with a qualified real estate professional ensures setting a realistic asking price that attracts buyers, meets your goals, and appraises well for buyer financing.

#3. Review Marketing Plan

Our associates will tailor a personalized marketing plan for your property, utilizing cutting-edge tools and strategies that have been proven effective in attracting potential buyers.

#4. Prepare The Property

A property that is properly prepared for the market will attract more prospective purchasers, sell more quickly and for a higher price. 

#5. Communication With Your REALTOR®

Effective communication with your REALTOR® keeps you updated on market trends, allowing informed decisions for positioning your property during the selling process.

#6. Contract Negotiations

Your REALTOR® offers expert guidance in contract negotiations, including price, financing, inspections, and other factors, ensuring your best interests are represented and informed decisions are made.

#7. Property Inspections & Repairs

Inspections are critical in real estate deals. With your REALTOR®'s guidance, sellers can navigate inspections, negotiations, and repairs effectively, ensuring a smooth transaction.

#8. Preparing For Settlement

Your REALTOR® will connect you with an attorney or settlement agent to handle the new deed and guide you through the settlement process, including reviewing the settlement statement