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Posted by Kemper Funkhouser on Thursday, December 15th, 2016 at 2:11pm.

When moving to a new city, a major concern is likely to be how far your paycheck will stretch. Newcomers to the Harrisonburg area are often pleased to find reasonable costs for everyday necessities like groceries and health care. In fact, some of the Shenandoah Valley’s most attractive qualities are its growing job market and competitive salaries – great draws when coupled with a relatively low cost of living as compared to other localities.

Of course, cost of living is also a concern for local residents considering relocation to another part of the state or country. The good news is that there are a number of online tools to help you determine how far you will need to make your dollar stretch in a new hometown. Tools like the Cost of Living Index presented by the Council for Community and Economic Research, and the Cost of Living Calculators maintained by Bankrate and CNN Money, allow you to make accurate and reliable cost of living comparisons between your area and any other participating city in the United States. You can access index comparisons for necessities such as grocery costs, housing, utilities, transportation, health, and more. You can even find average price comparisons for specific consumer goods, like how much more a T-bone steak will cost in Los Angeles than it does in Harrisonburg.

When compared to other cities in Virginia, cities in the mid-Atlantic region, and other major cities nationwide, the fact is that your hard-earned dollar generally stretches further in the Shenandoah Valley. To see how much of an economic advantage you’re gaining by putting down your roots in the Harrisonburg area, consider the following salary comparisons. If you make $50,000 in Washington, DC, for example, your salary could decrease to $34,808 in Harrisonburg and you could maintain a similar standard of living. Oh, and a T-bone steak? That will cost you $2.60 less than in our nation’s capital.

If you Make $50,000 and You are Moving From Here…

In the Harrisonburg-Area You Need to Make…

Asheville, NC $46,988
Atlanta, GA $49,446
Baltimore, MD $45,009
Boston, MA $35,797
Charlotte, NC $51,900
Charlottesville, VA $47,350
Chicago, IL $42,225
Harrisonburg, PA $49,396
Knoxville, TN $56,429
Los Angeles, CA $36,488
Miami, FL $44,239
New York City, NY $22,159
Orlando, FL $49,248
Raleigh, NC $52,792
Richmond, VA $49,596
Winchester, VA $48,375
Washington, DC $34,808

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