Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

After you have ratified your contract and fulfilled the contingencies, it is time to start thinking about your move! Use our checklist to help you get started! For a printable PDF version of this checklist, please click here.


  •   Time to Declutter:  Take this moving opportunity to sort through your belongings, organize what you will keep and donate or sell the items you no longer need.  This will save the expense of moving unwanted items and cluttering your new home.
  •   Create a Binder:  A binder of your move will be useful to keep schedules, receipts and an inventory of your belongings.
  •   School Records:  If your children will be changing schools, contact the school and request for their records to be transferred.  You will also want to receive a copy for your records.
  •   Box by Room:  Consider boxing your belongings by the room they will reside in your new home.  This will making moving and unpacking much easier and save you time.

Schedule A Mover

  •   Request Quotes:  Call 2 to 3 movers and ask for a quote on your move.  Moving companies have various ways of pricing a move, but be prepared to answer how many rooms or boxes or size of furniture will need to be moved.
  •   Schedule The Mover:  Talk with your REALTOR® to get an estimate on the settlement date.  This date may change as you near settlement.  Confirm the date with the mover.
  •   Carry Valuable Items Yourself:  You should plan to carry irreplaceable items yourself.  This may include jewelry, family photos, digital files, passports and other valuable items. 


  •   Homeowner’s Insurance:  Contact your insurance company to let them know you are making a move.  This is a good time to review your policy with your insurance provider to make sure you have the needed coverage.


  •   Bank Selection:  If you are moving out of town or out of state, you may need to select a different bank.  If you prefer a full service bank, consider banks close to your new home or place of work.  
  •   Transfer Funds: If you select a new bank, be sure to transfer your funds.  
  •   Transfer Safe Deposit Boxes:  Be sure to transfer any valuables from your current safe deposit box.
  •   Financial Institutions:  Contact all financial institutions where you have an account (checking, savings, stocks, retirement, etc…) and make sure they have your new address.


Please see our Utilities & Local Services page for local contact information. 
  •   Water & Sewer
  •   Trash Collection
  •   Electric
  •   Gas
  •   Television
  •   Internet
  •   Phone

Address Change

  •   Post Office:  You can change your address with the US Postal Service online:
  •   Driver’s License:  You can change the address on your Virginia Driver’s License online:
  •   Subscriptions:  Contact your magazine and newspaper publishers to change your address.  
  •   Friends & Relatives:  Today’s technology allows you to easily let friends and relatives know your new address.  An email list or facebook message can be an easy and inexpensive notification.
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