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Buying Process

Buying a home can be a complicated process.  With the help of a Funkhouser Real Estate Group representative, we can guide you through your move.

Consult a REALTOR®

The first step to a successful transaction is consulting with a Funkhouser Real Estate Group representative.  The initial consultation with one of our associates will include an overview of the process, an understanding of your needs and guidance through the next steps.

Consult a Lender

Our associates will help you identify the right lender for your specific needs.  There are many good lending programs available today, we will help guide you to the right one.

Find the Right Home

One of the largest investments of your life must be the right one.  We are here to help you find it.  Your buyer representative will analyze current inventory and stay abreast of new listings to identity the one that is right for you.  Through today’s technology and a strong network of real estate professionals, we are equipped to help you make the right decision.

Offer and Negotiation

Today’s real estate contract averages over twenty pages.  Understanding the terms and conditions of the contract can be challenging without qualified assistance.  Our associates will help advise you on the terms of your offer including price, dates, inspections and other important factors.  We will craft and carry out a negotiation strategy based on your goals and the scenario of the parties involved.  


There are a few possible inspections to consider when purchasing a property.  Some may include a general home inspection, radon inspection, well inspection and septic inspection.  The importance of these inspections depends on the property and the negotiation strategy.  There are usually additional negotiations between the buyer and seller once the inspections are complete.  Our associates will guide through this process and the negotiations.

Select a Settlement Agent

A settlement agency will conduct the closing of your transaction and record the deed at the court house.  It is important to select a settlement agency that is quick to prepare the needed paperwork and will take the time to explain the settlement documents as needed. Be sure to ask the settlement agency about title insurance and if makes sense for you to purchase this added protection of your new asset.  

Obtain Insurance

At this point in the transaction you will need to contact your insurance agency to prepare for the necessary coverage.  

Schedule Movers

Whether you are moving across the nation or across the street, moving can be a daunting task.  Consider hiring professional movers to take the stress out of the move.  At the very least you will want assistance to move heavier and larger items.  You will want to make these arrangements at the earliest possible to secure your needed move date.  

Connect Utilities

You will need to contact all utility providers of the property prior to settlement.  Your buyer representative can help you with the list of needed providers.  You can also visit the moving section of our website for a complete list of utility and local service providers.

Final Inspection

Just prior to settlement, you will have the opportunity to complete a final inspection of the property.  The purpose of this inspection is to see that any agreed repairs have been completed and the property is at least in the same condition as it was at the time of contract. Your buyer representative will accompany you during this inspection.

Prepare for Settlement

Your buyer representative will review the settlement statement with you prior to settlement.  Sometimes these statements are ready to review days before the settlement and other times they are ready just hours before the settlement.  


The settlement of your transaction usually takes place at the office of the settlement agency.  The representative of the settlement agency will review all documents with you including loan documents and the deed.  Your Funkhouser Real Estate Group representative will be in attendance at settlement.

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